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How to Make the Best Pour Over Coffee

September 29, 2019

Today is National Coffee Day! If you’re like me, the first thing you look forward to in the morning is that first sip of oh-so-wonderful coffee. Am I right? Over the years, I’ve struggled trying to find the best method for making the ultimate cup of joe. After going through numerous brands of drip coffee makers and even trying a French press—I found it. Pour over coffee.

Pour over coffee is very simple and can be made anywhere you have access to hot water. You’ll need a pour over coffee dripper which is very inexpensive. I got this one from Amazon for about $15 and it even has a reusable filter that you can wash instead of having to go through paper ones every time. The great thing about a pour over dripper is that you can fit them on top of practically any cup size. If I’m at home and just want to use my cute Gimme Some Sugar mug I’ll put it right on top. Or if I’m on the go, I’ll fit it on top of my insulated travel mug. Follow these steps to ensure you get that perfect cup, smooth and full of body without the bitterness.

the coffee:

Measure the correct amount of coffee for the amount you wish to make. I use 4 scoops (4 Tablespoons) for a large mug. Pour over coffee can tend to be stronger than a drip maker so you may need to adjust the amount you’re typically used to. And it goes without saying, using freshly ground coffee makes a huge difference in flavor. I’d definitely recommend getting your own small electric coffee grinder.

the hot water:

The ideal temperature hot water for making pour over coffee is between 195-206°F. Too hot and the coffee will have a more bitter, burnt taste. Not hot enough won’t release the oils and flavor.

the steps:

– Place the dripper over your mug while you prepare the hot water.

– Measure 4 Tablespoons of freshly ground coffee (or adjust to your liking) into the top of the dripper. You’ll need just enough hot water to fill the mug for an individual serving.

– Using a kettle with a spout, evenly pour a bit of hot water onto the coffee grounds, just enough to moisten them. Wait about 30 seconds.

– Evenly pour the remaining hot water over the grounds, waiting for it to slowly drip down.

– Once all the water has absorbed and dripped down, your pour over coffee is ready to enjoy!

“a bad day with coffee is better than a good day without it.”

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